Accommodation in the Finnish Archipelago

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Premier fishing grounds await anglers

The Archipelago Sea offers the most diverse fishing grounds in Finland, with a host of different species each season. The sea provides anglers the opportunity to catch perch, pike, pikeperch, trout, salmon, rainbow trout, whitefish, flounder, burbot, Baltic herring, ide and bream, not to mention other cyprinoids. The best thing is that these waters are hosts to many truly large fish; you can make a record and not simply come back with tales of the 'one that got away'. For example, the average size of the perch is clearly larger than those of inland waters.

Rushes and outer islets

The vast waters of the archipelago offer a variety of diverse sport angling areas. The rushes of the inner archipelago have their own attractions, whereas the stark openness of the outer islets is still the location of choice for many. Angling is actively practiced all year round. Each season has its own particular catch. In winter, we ice fish for perch, pikeperch and burbot. In spring, we hunt for trout and pike, catch Baltic herring on multiple hooked lines and angle for whitefish. Summer brings pike perch, perch, pike, ide and flounder to our tables. Autumn is said to be the best fishing season in the Archipelago Sea. At that time we eat perch, pike and trout, and angle for Baltic herring to create delicacies for the Christmas season. It is wise to book your fishing cottage well in advance as the autumn weekends are very popular.

Expert advice free of charge

Angling and ice fishing are within the natural rights of every one and no licence is required. They are the most popular forms of fishing, next to lure fishing. Lure fishing requires that you pay the state fishing management fee and the provincial lure fishing fee. When you reserve a cottage or other accommodation, you will receive advice regarding the local fishing grounds and necessary licences. The cottage rental often includes a rowing boat, while outboard motors and boat transports can also be hired by agreement. You may also ask about the whereabouts of places where fish is prepared and smoked. Charcoal broiling, smoking and grilling your own catch is an essential part of any holiday. And there is always fresh smoked fish. It is delicious!

Popular fishing trips:

Comfortable at sea: An affordable 2-day fishing vacation including accomodation, sauna and a boat. Prices from 80€/person

Extreme-fishing with RIB-boat: Prices from 250 €/hour, max 8 participants each time around.

Fishing de Luxe package: A day trip including boat rental, equipment, fishing quide, meals and sauna with hot tub. Price from 380 eur/person. Ask for an offer!

Fishing in the outer archipelago: A day trip including transport by boat to the archipelago, net fishing with a professional fisherman, lunch consisting of smoked fish, guided nature tour and time to fish with ones own gear. Group size 6-30 person. Price example 75€/person if the group is 15 persons.

With an experienced fishing guide you have a better chance to get catch and you learn the newest tricks.

Book a guided fishing tour from us!

Some golden rules for fishermen

How to predict the future at sea: Drink a lot of beer, row out to sea, turn around and stand up in the boat to wee overboard. Look at your wife ashore - what you see is a soon-to-be widow.