Accommodation in the Finnish Archipelago

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Destination Archipelago

Travel destination: the magnificent archipelago

The Finnish Archipelago is a unique destination, with easy access by car, bus or a two-wheel vehicle. Bridges and ferries connects the islands with eachother; witness the unforgettably beatiful landscapes through the different routes. The brown signs will help you follow the 250 km long Archipelago Trail. Also the Kimito Archipelago has a lot of fine travelling routes. With the archipelago ferries you can travel all the way to the Åland islands. You can order different maps of the archipelago from the Archipelago Tourist Information atNow you can, without owning a boat of your own, explore the fascinating nature of the outer archipelago and its adorable villages, by boat taxi or ferry. Book an "Island hopping"-package from Archipelago Booking. A succesful trip to the fascinating archipelago begins at the adress: There you can also find the time tables of the ferries at the same as you book your accomodation.

Adventures in the Archipelago Sea National Park

Finland's Archipelago Sea has one of the world's most beautiful and extensive natural archipelagos. The national park's diverse natural habitats range from larger wooded islands and sheltered bays to windswept rocky islets and open waters. Here you can enjoy charming heritage landscapes in peaceful seaside settings, or explore the wild waters around the archipelago's thousands of islands.

Many visitors explore the national park in their own boats, but you can also hire a boat, use local taxi boat services or join a guided boat excursion. Regular ferries serve the archipelago's larger islands, where people still live all year round. The park is particularly popular with canoeists, since its labyrinthine waters offer countless paddling routes.

The Archipelago Visitor Centre Blue Mussel is a good place to start exploring. The centre's staff can provide practical information and tips, and fascinating exhibitions feature nature above and beneath the waves. You can also learn about the Archipelago Sea's rich natural and cultural history at the nature information huts on the islands of Jurmo and Berghamn, or along the nature trails that lead visitors around several islands. Some islands also have freely usable campfire sites, camping areas and mooring facilities for boaters.

Most visitors come to the islands in July and August. But the Archipelago is also beautiful in autumn, when its rocky shores are washed by white-topped waves, and the trees bend to the strong winds that sweep in from the sea. In winter brave explorers may come over the frozen sea to the silent snow-clad islands on cross-country skis or touring skates. When the spring arrives, the islands fill with colourful meadow flowers and birdsong. Volunteers may come to the islands to join heritage landscape management work camps. A trip to the Archipelago Sea at any time of year will be unforgettable.

The Archipelago Sea National Park belongs to the European PAN Parks Network, whose member parks combine wild nature and rich biodiversity with excellent facilities for outdoor recreation. The local firms who provide services for visitors to the park are all committed to help conserve nature and support island communities.

Explore the Archipelago Sea:

Everyman's rights

The everyman's rights (PDF) applie in the archipelago, but please remember that the area's nature is easily damaged.